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Devrhoid Davis - www.DevrhoidDavis.com - C.E.O. Caribbean Value Investor

Devrhoid Davis – www.DevrhoidDavis.com – C.E.O. Caribbean Value Investor

I am Devrhoid Davis


Welcome to my official online home.

The purpose of this website is rather simple. I created DevrhoidDavis.com to showcase my various interests and to serve as a record of my development. DevrhoidDavis.com is meant to document my journey to becoming “The StockSage” of the Caribbean (@thestocksage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and, in time, a successful Entrepreneur. Hopefully, you will get to know me on both a personal and professional level through this website. Here, I will share my aspirations, my goals, my positive and negative attributes as well as my expertise and philosophies. My only other hope is that of being an inspiration to you while you undertake your own journey of success.

I have summarised  the essential details about myself (as they stand at this point) below but you might want to check back often as I am constantly changing and seeking ways of evolving. You will see what I mean.


The Grand Ambition of Devrhoid Davis

My ultimate goal is to build a globally renowned Biomedical Engineering and Robotics Research & Development Institute in the Caribbean (The Z.A.B.E.R Institute). The goal for The Z.A.B.E.R. Institute is for it to be the first of its kind in the Caribbean region and for its work to rival that of the leading R&D Institutions around the world.

Other Goals Being Pursued

It is also within my intent to develop and manage a Regional Stock Market Investment Advisory Firm (Caribbean Value Investor Inc.) and a Global Real Estate Holding Company (RYUU Real Estate Holdings). I am currently studying to become a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). My earnings from my work at CVI and RYUU will provide the seed funding required to get the best Engineers and the resources necessary to tackle the projects we will conceive The Z.A.B.E.R. Institute.

You  can learn more about Z.A.B.E.R. Industries and the Z.A.B.E.R Institute by clicking here and more about Caribbean Value Investor by clicking here. You can also reach their respective pages from the navigation menu.


My Interest are many, and mostly unrelated. Topics that intrigue me include, but are not limited to

  • Medical Health Physics;
  • Business and Entrepreneurship;
  • Finance;
  • Stock Market Investing;
  • Leadership and Nation Building;
  • Robotics and Biomechatronics.


I have developed intermediate expertise in a variety of technical fields:

  • WordPress Website Development;
  • Medical and Radiation Physics;
  • Electronics and Robotics;
  • Programming (Python, Embedded C, PHP, Java);
  • Copywriting;
  • Security and Investment Analysis.

I have also been investing in publicly listed companies on the Jamaica Stock Exchange for a little over 3 years and have continued to build my credibility in the arena of Stock Market Investing (locally, regionally and internationally).


I have a lot of books, both in physical and electronic form. Below I have listed ten (10) of my favourite books to date. Clicking any one of the titles will take you directly to the Amazon page of the book. I highly encourage adding all one of them to your reading list, one at the very least.

Please note that the above list simply names a few of my favourite books, there are many, many more.


I have a lot of Influencers in my life and have outgrown a few more. At this point in time, age 25, my Influencers include:

  • Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group and my favourite Entrepreneur, Mr. Jack Ma (Ma Yun);
  • Investing Educator and Stock Market Investor, Mr. Phil Town;
  • Father of 16 and my version of Superman, Mr. Upton Davis;
  • Entrepreneur and Host of Valuetainment, Mr. Patrick Bet-David;
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk;
  • Financial Education Advocate and Real Estate Mogul, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki;
  • Author, YouTuber, and Ex. VC, Mr. Evan Carmichael #Believe;
  • High Performance Coach, Mr. Brendon Burchard;
  • Pioneer of Personal Development, The Late Great, Mr. Jim Rohn;
  • Entrepreneur, Success Coach and Publisher of Success Magazine, Mr. Darren Hardy;
  • Personal Development Expert, Business Consultant, Author and Speaker, Mr. Brian Tracy;
  • Entrepreneur, Genius Engineer and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Open AI, and The Boring Company, Mr. Elon Musk;
  • Double Amputee and Genius Biomechatronics Engineer, Prof. Hugh Herr

Again, this list is not exhaustive.


The Philosophy of Devrhoid Davis

The core of my philosophy is my belief that “Success is a matter of WILL, not CIRCUMSTANCE”.  Therefore, I DO NOT believe I should sit and complain, but rather seek to use what I have been given to continually elevate myself and those around me. I believe that “Excellence is becoming of he who perseveres” and that “I should do something that matters, not for the MONEY but for the IMPACT”.  I believe in continued development and that “If I am not growing, I am dying.