The First Half of 2018

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It’s been a wild half year. So much has happened. We will get into it all in detail. But for right now. I just want to have some significant details recorded in point form.

In January I put the CVI Team together, it eventually fell apart but I found a co-founder so that a win.

In February

In March I traveled to Arizona for the first time and spend a week with my mentor. I got so many ideas from him and a guest that was at his house. I do not know where the man gets his ideas from but I sure am glad to be working with him.

In April

In May, CVI was monetised with Google Ads. We’ve been making revenue since day 1.

In June, I took a few days from work and sorted out my plan of action. CVI has been getting a lot of attention, I attended the corporate mingle and had the most amazing interview with Evan Carmichael.

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