Devrhoid Davis -3 - January 01 2017

Devrhoid Davis 2017 Year In Review

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Devrhoid Davis 2017 Year In Review

Devrhoid Davis -3 - January 01 2017

  1. Introduction

To say that I cannot cover all the happenings of the 2017 year in this (relatively) short article would be quite the understatement. This year has shown me the wonderful miracle that is “The Power of Intent”. I was also amazed at what can happen when one puts on blinders and focuses singly on the accomplishment of a particular goal. My business partner, friend and mentor Mr. D. Watson demonstrated this in fine style. I learnt a ton of lessons and accomplished vastly more than I had even expected. I must accredit a lot of what has happened to my support system. S. McDonald, J. McLean, S. Bryant, Ms. F. Williams, thank you for believing in me. Farther off a field, I must acknowledge Mr. Evan Carmichael, Gary Vaynerchuk, Niel Degrasse Tyson and Jeremy from The Financial Education Channel for providing daily motivation. Had it not been for you none of this would have happened the way it did. You all know I am lazy and would prefer to spend the time talking about things than doing the actual work. Thanks for keeping the lashes of discipline at the ready.

I hope that in reading this you will get a sense of my:

  • 2017 Goals
  • 2017 Accomplishments
  • Challenges faced throughout 2017
  • My growth in 2017
  1. Personal Development

I can say I truly grew this year. Not only did I get better at setting goals, I got better at achieving them. I acquired new skills and learnt of new people I could emulate. Some of the ones I can most readily remember are Jack Ma, Chris Sacca, Mr. Robert Smith and Tyresse Gibson. I also found a new appreciation for Rapper because of Logic.

I got over my fear of being on video, and even started a YouTube Channel (I actually started 3 lol). I also got more comfortable with the sound of my voice. My voice never actually broke so I have always considered my voice a little “girly” I am proud to say I am over it now. I even started 2 Podcasts.

Further to this, I joined snapchat (add me @derhoid) and bought my first piece of furniture. Can you guess what it was? I actually designed it myself. There is one action that I think made the world of difference in my #Journey this year and I accredit the successes garnered from doing this entirely to Mr. Evan Carmichael. It is the habit of writing down three (3) things that I am grateful for each morning. This has been, without question, the one thing that has made the most significant difference in my life for 2017. Following that would be me increasing my reliability.

Of course the year was not without disappointments. I made (less than my fare share of) errors in judgment for which I did pay. I was also appointed Secretary of my the Clarendon College Past Students Association. I must admit that I did a terrible job at this. It is the one area of greatest disappointment for me for 2017. I know I could have done better and I fear I have exhausted the allowance for second chances. Additionally, I was to build the Clarendon College website and the website for the PSA but I made zero progress on these projects. I will seek to redeem myself in 2018.

  1. BestYouPRO International

To be honest, I had hoped to build BYPI up by at least another 10, 000 followers. Though I failed in this regard, I am comforted by the fact that this was an overly optimistic goal. I had high hopes of completing “Developing The Best You – Strategies Learnt from 7 Masters” in it’s entirety and publishing the book in print format but I have yet to do so even though the ground work for the book has long been completed. Additionally, I was also aiming for 500 followers on Instagram. I did not realise these ambitions.

Here is a list of the things that I was able to complete despite my laziness:

I had the opportunity to interview Evan Carmichael LIVE on his YouTube channel. This was a HUGE DEAL for me. I have been watching Evan for months and I have learnt so much from his videos. You can watch our interview by clicking here. Some of the other accomplishments for 2017 re BYPI include the facts that I:

  • Published Chapter one of my ebook, “Developing The Best You – Strategies Learnt from 7 Masters” on Amazon Kindle. Feel free to show your support by picking up a copy by clicking here 🙂
  • Kept a fairly consistent rate of publication, even though I worked full time, with overtime, and started a new business (Caribbean Value Investor) in the year.
  • Produced 5 Free Resources throughout the year.
  • Sent out an email every quarter.
  • Reached 50 Organic email subscribers.
  • Got published in the upcoming magazine “Garvey Times” led by a friend and now business parter, Mr. Jemar Green.
  • Completed the Business Plan for BestYouPRO International.
  1. Career and Professional Development

This year I finalised my decision to transition from the field of Physics to the field of Finance. I made my first attempt at getting to the investing field by applying to Stocks and Securities Limited. I got the discovery interview and thought I did well. I was invited back to do their Test but I flunked that. I discovered there was so much about being an Investment Analyst that I do not know. You know I started studying for that right? In fact one of my goals for this year is to complete the first exam of the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Charter.

However I did not allow this decision to impact the level of work I put out in my day J.O.B. I am very proud of what I accomplished in the past twelve months at ICENS. So much of it will be built on to make the Centre all it can be. Naturally do not take credit for all the work that was done. The accomplishments listed would not have been possible without the guidance and trust of the management of the Centre. I am very grateful for their belief in me.

  • Most proud of the fact that we fixed we able to identify and resolve the issue with the Harshaw 6600 TLD Reader at my workplace.
  • Had the opportunity to travel to Trinidad for the first time and this was a most wonderful experience.
  • Assisted in getting the new TLD System commissioned.
  • Conducted the first Radiation Sensitization Session for ICENS in my time there.
  • Participated in 3 Regional Training Courses on Radiation Protection, Transport of Radioactive Sources and the Management of Nuclear and Radioactive materials.
  1. Investing

I could not talk about investing without mentioning the fact that this year marked the first year that I was paid over 100,000 JMD consistently. Many of the accomplishments listed in this piece would not have been possible had this not been the case. I thank the UWI and ICENS for considering me this valuable. The increase in salary plus a stable position allowed me to qualify for 2 Credit cards and to secure a loan from the NCB. These funding facilities allowed me to do quite a few things including but not limited to:

  • Reaching our goal with RYUU Investing, having had on the record the portfolio reach over $200,000.00
  • I had always wanted to attend an Annual General Meeting. This year I was able to attended 2. I attended the Annual General Meetings of GraceKennedy Company Limited and Lasco Distributors. I was even on video helping the GK team to strategise lol. (Link to Video or Video)
  •  I also sought to attend to the Court Hearing on the Legal battle with Pfizer.
  • I read 3 Books on Deep Value Investing and saw many many interviews, Having discovered Investor Archive and Financial Education Channel were really big wins for me.
  1. Caribbean Value Investor

Ahh, CVI, I can say with great confidence that I think I outdid myself on this one. The interesting thing, it wasn’t even on my list of goals for 2017. TBH, if I hadn’t started this, I would have probably met more of my goals BUT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO REGRETS. Given the chance, I would do the same thing, the same way all over again. I officially started and registered Caribbean Value Investor. I build the website in November, a few months later than I had originally hoped. I published over 5 articles spanning value companies in Jamaica, Trinidad and the United States. I am very proud of the fact that I was able to complete the Strategic Plan for Caribbean Value Investor.

  1. Charity and Family Assistance

This year I was very with my time, I was not as generous with my money. I devoted time this year to helping others to better understand investments and even did a few strategic planning sessions. The ability to assist my father in getting my little sister into University is undeniably the thing I am most proud of in this department. In fact, this is the thing I am most proud of period.

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