The Z.A.B.E.R. Institute

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The ZABER Institute

The Zeal for Advancement in Biomedical Engineering and Robotics (Z.A.B.E.R.) Institute will be the leading Biomedical Engineering R&D facility within the Caribbean Region and a global player on the world stage. The institute will specialize in the area of Biomechatronics with a particular focus on extending human capabilities. To this end, the ZABER Institute, through the design and manufacture of advance prostheses, chips and gene enhancing serums will play it’s part in the continued evolution of the human specie.

The ZABER Institute will be the research arm of ZABER Industries and is intended to be public company trading on both the Jamaica Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange by year 2040. The institute hopes to be a close partner with such giants as Neuralink, SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Blue Origin, Google and Airbus Defense and Space.

Some products envisioned by the institute include:

  • Regenerative Chambers;
  • Precision Gene Splicers;
  • Respiratory Enhancement Systems;
  • Neural Interface Drivers;
  • Integrated Diagnostic Scanners;
  • Giga Weapons;
  • Hypersonic Engines;
  • Tectonic Modulators;

In the long term, read as over a few centuries, the ZABER Institute hopes to be a key player in making the goal of interplanetary habitation a success. We aim to help humans to not only survive on other planets, with harsher environments but to thrive in these environs. We aim to facilitate the complete exploration of the planet earth and the extension of human reach beyond our galaxy.