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Devrhoid Davis – Why I Want to be an Entrepreneur

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I have three primary reasons why I am pursuing Entrepreneurship. The first of which is control and contribution. I want to be an Entrepreneur because I want to contribute to the transformation of the financial sector in Jamaica (and by extension the Caribbean). I wish to tackle the stereotypical view that “The Caribbean as a place to vacation but not necessarily a destination to do business”. I feel very strongly that Jamaica, through it’s human resource and strategic location can be a Game-changer in many industries.


My research shows that Jamaica could be the regional leader, and a global competitor in many fields including finance, logistics, entertainment, science and technology and tourism. It has become clear to me however that in order for me to contribute to this transformation I will need to be in a position to either inspire or dictate change. I have seen that Entrepreneurship can grant me the ability to do both.



I have held various positions in the field of Science and Technology, first as a Research Assistant, second as a Python Programmer and Website Developer and presently as a Scientific Officer at the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (ICENS). I have seen the potential for our people to do some much and to contribute to the development of the country and the nation but many lack the avenue through which to do that. The primary hindrance being “red tape” and yes, in some cases, politics. Being an Entrepreneur, I will be better able to mitigate these road blocks to cut some of the red tape.



Another reason for pursuing entrepreneurship is the financial upside and the capabilities that come with said financial upside. There is a softspot in my heart for Science and Technology and particularly Biomechatronics (advanced integrated prostheses etc) but there are no facilities to train Caribbean people in this niche. Further, to my knowledge, there are no organizations working towards the establishment of such a facility. It is therefore my hope (and intent) to build the first Biomedical Engineering and Robotics – Research and Development – Institute in the Caribbean with its base in Jamaica. Doing this will require significant funds.



The acquisition of the sums required for this ambition are largely impractical, indeed, close to impossible, working in my current role. I gather that through entrepreneurship I can amass a portion of the funds, meet people with a similar passion for the cause and eventually realise that ambition as a way of giving back and paying it forward.

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